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2020 Kidding Season

21 kids, 10 doelings, 11 bucklings, with 1 buckling loss.

What a great kidding we had this year!

100% NZ Mingo's "Koda" Boy

We have 3 more Does due in June. We are excited to see what we get out of them. Most of our Does were first timers this year. We have been seeing a lot of beauties with waddles so far and loving it!!!

All Does have kidded! Out of 10 Does there were 21 kids born. Only 1 loss. (Stillborn buckling twin.) Only 1 single to a first freshener. And 2 sets of Triplets! There were 10 doelings born and 11 bucklings. It was neck and neck the entire time. LOL! We have 6 doelings available!!! Going fast!! Contact me via email @ delilah.lozier@yahoo.com or text/call me @ (517)414-1132. We start breeding again in October! Come back and check out our stock next spring too!

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