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LNH Ana Momma MSF Trouble and her 4/2019 twin Doelings, Ana & Elsa eating pumpkin seeds 4/2019 LNH Ana



Goat, Kiko/Boer, Kid (female) | Tan

AKGA# 19GNZ103LNH41 | DOB: 4/20/2019 (1 yr)

KHR Tarzan


KHR Tarzan

KikoBuck (male)White/Black/Brown
AKGA# 15P022KHR23, NKR# N15M0022KHR4DOB: 8/18/20155 yrs
 AKGA# 15P022KHR23, NKR# N15M0022KHR4 White/Black/Brown
MSF Trouble


MSF Trouble

Kiko/BoerDoe (female)Tan
AKGA# 15GNY092MSF28, NKR# N15B0092MSF0DOB: 12/5/20154 yrs
Registered as a Genemaster with AKGA and registered as a 75% Kiko with NKR. Big high rump. Meaty Girl. Has kidded once and delivered twin Doelings unassisted. Beautiful and sweet. Very friendly. Great mother too! Good Famacha and Hooves.
 AKGA# 15GNY092MSF28, NKR# N15B0092MSF0 Tan


This little one is the sweetest thing ever ❤️ she is a bit smaller than her twin sister Elsa but she still keeps up with her and momma just fine. They seem to be always on the go. She is friendly, smart, and curious. She will climb in your lap and cuddle if you sit with them for a bit.🥰 Mom and sister are available as well if you want to keep them all together I'd do a discount 😉

Updated 6/18/2020