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Goat, Kiko, Doe (female) | Tan

unregistered#  | DOB: 3/1/2018 (2 yrs)

TNT Bacardi
Unregistered Kiko Doe


This amazing girl is a TNT Bacardi daughter with papers to prove it. She has a very regal stance. The way she carries herself is just Majestic. Great Famacha and Hooves. She is a little skittish but she is a thinker too. She will stand back and assess before crowding in with the herd. She likes to sneak in from the side or even under the really big Does to get at what she wants. She was accidentally bred younger than planned (buck got loose and quickly tagged her before we grabbed him) but she came through it just fine. She delivered twin bucklings when she was only a year and 3 months old. They weighed 4 1/2 and 5 pounds. She did a great job and continues to be an excellent mother. She is thick and very strong. Perfect body form. I definitely see the TNT Bacardi in her. She looks a lot like Bacardi's mom actually!

Updated 6/8/2020


Kid Wether (male)1 yrTan